Our Facilities

To cater for your specific rewind and repair needs

Global Rewinds Pty Ltd prides itself on exceptional service. As a result we are proud to offer 24/7/365 service; meaning that we will always be available to offer our large range of services and products whenever and wherever needed.

Global Rewinds Pty Ltd offers a new motor modification service. This allows us to customize motors to your specific needs and conditions. We are able to provide this service to any new and existing motors.

We have areas in our repair facility that are specifically dedicated to specialised services, such as the dismantling area, winding area, stripping area, parts cleaning area, parts storage area, spraying and varnishing area, baking area, quarantine and testing areas and finally the dispatch/freight outwards area.

In addition to our wide variety of services we have the following facilities available to cater for your specific rewind and repair needs:

  • Automatic Parts Washers
  • Coil Winding Facilities
  • Abrasive and Steam Cleaning Facilities
  • High tonnage crane facilities
  • Large 12.5 Tonne capacity drying and varnishing ovens
  • Removal Fitting Services
  • Fault finding expertise