Repairs / Overhauls

Mechanical Repairs

At Global Rewinds, our collective years of experience ensures we are able to come up with a solution to any obstacle or problem including mechanical repairs. Our workshop is equipped with machinery to carry various repairs and we have great access to specialized mechanical service providers to assist with more challenging tasks.

  • Rebuild of worn motor shafts
  • Extend motor shafts
  • Bearing housing repairs
  • Bearing journal repairs
  • Motor feet cutting
  • Motor feet machining
  • Dynamic rotor balancing
  • Cooling fan replacement and repairs

Site Repairs

Global Rewinds Pty Ltd is proud to offer an electrical installation and removal service which can be executed on various types of equipment. We are able to perform services at any location and with the help of our high level of expertise and experienced staff, we will be able to conduct the installation or removal with ease and with a minimum of disruption to the surrounding facilities.
Site Repairs Include but not limited to:

  • Motor and Generator removal
  • Bearing replacement to motors and generators
  • Brush replacement
  • Vibration analysis
  • Laser shaft alignment